Irwindale, CA / Client: Hanson Materials

The Hanson Irwindale is one of the largest pit-lake quarry operations in California. The Phase 3 Reclamation required the geotechnical reconstruction of the 90 foot high quarry side walls and the construction of a series of MSE Walls at the toe. The ILWFP Project is a pilot project in cooperation with the City of Irwindale, to construct a 200 foot deep 8,000,000 CY structural fill without any special requirements on vertical construction. This project will employ special construction requirements developed by the City, including bulk sampling of the fill to monitor maximum potential density. Additionally, this project will require a significant dewatering program, as well as material processing and management.

The following services were provided for this Project:

• Project Management
• Construction Management
• Design review
• Project Phasing
• Technical services including Budgeting, take- Offs and procurement
• Quality assurance