We understand what’s on the line for our Clients and we are driven to empower them with the basics of success:

“Real Costs, Feasible Scenarios and Minimal Risk”

Since our start in 1994, J.T. Kruer & Company has grown to be recognized for its strong client advocacy and quality service. We have a very diverse client base and have been involved in projects all over California. Our firm is a California “A” License General Engineering Contractor (License # 777345) specializes in project related services, pre-construction services and construction & project management. We have provided pre-construction services and construction management services for most of the National Home Builders, Regional Apartment / Condo Developers, Major Industrial Developers, Major Law Firms, Engineering Firms, Architects, Public Utilities and Governmental Agencies. We also provide expert witness services related to Earthwork, General Engineering Construction Costs, Construction Management and Standard of Care. We are also qualified for expert services related to land development feasibility and engineering construction defects.

As construction managers, we have built projects throughout Southern California, such as Hyundai Motor’s Proving Grounds in the Mojave Desert, ridge-line and hillside development in San Diego and Riverside Counties, Urban Infill Projects and numerous mine reclamation projects throughout So. California. We have also participated on design teams for major Urban Redevelopment and large Waterfront Capital Improvement Projects.

Like other leading CM Firms, we have our proven policies, procedures, systems and controls, but our most valuable asset is our experience with difficult and complicated projects and our ability to figure out the most efficient and economical way to construct them. We believe this is the construction management concept our Clients are looking for and that’s exactly what we deliver.

As construction professionals, we also provide a wide range of technical and administrative services.