Residential & Public Works

Riverside, CA / Client: Brehm Communities & Hearthstone Advisors

This 830 acre property is located along mountainous ridges northwest of Lake Mathews and east of Corona, CA. This 512 lot subdivision includes an elementary school site as well as a County Park. Topographically this site consist of rolling hills and steep ridges. There were significant geotechnical considerations due to the complex geologic set- ting. The projects elevations vary from 760 feet to 1845 feet (MSL). A 1.3 MG Reservoir, two Pump Station and two Sewer Lift Stations were also constructed for this Project.

The following services were provided for this project:

• Construction Management
• Design review
• Project Phasing
• Major Off-Site Public Improvements
• Technical services including identification & resolution of design conflicts and procurement
• Quality assurance